Thank you for your interest in partnering with us! Currently we are only partnering with brick and mortar retail establishments inside the USA. For international wholesale accounts please contact us directly for pricing and product availability. We look forward to working with you!


No Start-Up Capital Required!

  • Once approved, you may begin selling to your customers immediately without having to invest any of your own capital.

We Send Customers To You!

  • With tens of thousands of online visitors per week, we will be sure to let customers in your area know where to shop by listing your store in our directory.

Fast And Friendly Merchant And Customer Support!

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to assist you and your customers by phone or email. Dedicated phone line for all partner support inquires.

Get Paid Immediately!

  • No need to wait to be paid. Collect customer payments directly in store and pay yourself immediately.

Freedom To Market Your Products!

  • The days of hiding products behind the shelf and using "code words" are over. Our eye catching and informative catalogs allow you to place marketing materials where your customers will see them.

Limit Your Merchant Account Liability!


  • Allowing customers to purchase tangible "legal highs" in store can be very profitable, but it is a good way to ruin your businesses ability to accept credit cards. Visa / MC are constantly monitoring.

Generous Revenue Split!

  • When we say partner, we mean it. We offer a 50 /50 net profit split with all partners.

Offer Your Customers a Larger Selection!

  • Big, small, round and tall.... we have over 60 different products for your customers to choose from.

Real Quality Products Straight From The Manufacturers!

  • Your customers deserve the best. The market is flooded with many fake iso-propyl nitrite products that can cause your customers harm. We only offer pure iso-butyl nitrite products directly from the source.

Quick Turn Around Time With Guaranteed Delivery!

  • Whether your customers prefer home delivery or in-store pickup, we will ensure it gets there quick!

Free Marketing Materials!

  • Our highly skilled design team will create unique custom marketing materials to let your customers know you mean business.


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Convenient Weekly Invoice Payment System!

For convenience, we send invoice billing once a week to collect our partner program revenue splits.